About Our Team

After more than 30 aggregate years working with health, technology, banking etc. Industries, our team at B2B Promotional Group offers clients creative solutions and access to best pricing that can only come from long experience. Our goal is to be much more than order takers; but rather to become an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. We understand that this requires a close understanding of your strategic objectives and delivery of a set of service outcomes that you feel only we or a select group of companies could offer.

Whether it’s a marketing strategy for trade shows, meaningful and purposeful gifts for clients or employees or programs to boost your clients’ awareness of your product offerings, we believe we can help you create successful and cost effective promotional campaigns. From fulfillment to custom embroidery and strategic brand building, we provide everything you need to help your company grow.  We understand for us to be successful, we must help our clients – large and small – be successful. 

We will flat out commit to meeting EVERY deadline and to be available 24/7 to handle issues as they arise – as they usually do. Indeed, sometimes it’s when issues come up that experience plays the most key role in delivering satisfactory outcomes. Given an opportunity, we believe that we can present you with UNIQUE ideas for individualized items that would be great for your business and put an even more powerful stamp on your brand.

· We will match or beat pricing on promotional items you currently order and wish to continue with.

· We will provide creative ideas specific to your strategic objectives and your brand at no cost to you.

· We will offer all of the product lines accessible to members of ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) and more.

· We will absolutely guaranty your satisfaction with all products and our level of service.