Do Promotional Products Work? The Facts You Need

You’re a smart buyer, you’re not doing anything just because everyone else is doing it. Of course you trust your gut, but you like to fortify it with some facts and figures. At the same time, product promo is everywhere - -the industry is growing fast, and a broader awareness of how important your branding is to your business growth, no matter the size. These aren’t unrelated: everyone is looking to stretch their money, and the answer is promotional products. B2B is here to make sure you get that advantage.

We should start with what is most important: cost. Businesses without billion dollar ad budgets focus on promotional products as the tip of their marketing spear because the ROI is almost unbelievable. The CPI (cost per impression) of the average promotional product is around one tenth of one cent. It’s an unbeatable return compared to other advertising medium.

On the topic of other mediums, it’s in the comparison that promo products really shine (which is why those billion dollar budgets never neglect this biz space either). Consumer in general have a 2.5x higher chance of forming a positive opinion of a brand from a promotional product than online advertisement. And consumers under 55? They prefer promo over all other measured ad mediums (including newspapers, radio, magazines, television, internet and mobile!)

When you spend, you want to see an effective outcome. That’s exactly what makes promo so reliable. Take, for example, a mug with your logo on it. Studies show that 57% of an audience recall the advertiser on a mug vs 32% for a radio ad and only 28% for a slick TV spot. Compared to a simple email or appeal letter alone, promotional products generate a 500% increase in referrals.

With the average household in the U.S. owning 30 promotional items, led by Millennials and GenX homes, and 81% of recipients keeping and using products for more than one year, the myth that you’re slapping your name on junk has been thoroughly debunked. Smart business make smart choices, and that’s why so many are increasingly investing in themselves by getting branded items. Let B2B help you join the leaders.