Gifts That Give Back, to Your Employees and Your Business 

Promotional gifts are more than just something you leave with a client, they’re incredibly effective tools to build team cohesion as well. At B2B, from personal experience, we know you can never disregard how much value a committed, well-oiled team can bring to your office and your mission. Whether during on-boarding or to reward a project knocked out of the park, we’ve found these three items can help cement positive company culture and get your brand name out there.

Our favorite employee-gift? An Edwards rain jacket. This isn’t just because we feel it looks great – branded outerwear generates the most impressions of any product-type in the apparel category, because it marries function with form, and is most often worn in public places. Your employees will wrap themselves in your gift when it rains or snows (or even just on a particularly windy day), and those dry clothes will definitely lead to gratitude for your forethought.

Adding new employees to your office? Whether a junior team member, or a prized addition to the C-Suite, a small welcome package can not only set a good tone and lead to productive excitement, but also quickly integrate them into feeling like part of a whole larger than themselves. For this, we suggest a branded coffee mug (for those morning and mid-day pick-me-ups) and a logoed writing pad/pen combination. The latter is extra thoughtful as they’re likely to take notes about all the new things they’re learning in their first weeks. But even if they don’t (or they type it on their phones), they’ll absolutely take note of where they work, and that it is the sort of office which takes care of them.