Riding Promotional Product Trends to Strategic Success 

At B2B Promotional Group, we’re not about shoveling out product and seeing what sticks. Our goal is always to be more than just order-takers – meaningful and purposeful gifts have animated this company since its inception. We entered the promotional industry because we saw an opening not just to follow the pack, but to lead the trends and pair customer care with targeted strategies.

We deliver creative solutions backed by market-tested research. The most comprehensive PPAI consumer study yet concluded that the third biggest reason a consumer keeps and uses a promotional product is if it’s “trendy”. The two reasons that beat it out? A product that helps them have fun, and a product that is functional in their everyday life. Below, we deliver products that do all three.

If you’re aiming for a fun product that is riding one of the biggest trend-waves in the industry, look (or listen) no further than our chic Soft Touch Speaker. Technology giveaways consistently generate use and positive brand impression, and high-quality ones can get pride-of-place when consumers bring them back to their home or office. This speaker gets your name out there every time the user wants to jam – and our experience says it’ll make your brand music to their ears.

One of this year’s biggest success stories has been the resurgence of the portable chair. Function at its zenith, this GoAnywhere FoldUp Lounge Chair is a giveaway that lives in their yard or deck, stores easy for the winter, and follows a customer, co-worker or even your family from trip to trip, game to gathering, maximizing impressions and creating not only awareness but also loyalty. The lounge chair isn’t the only thing that can GoAnywhere – so can your company name or logo, driving conversation and referrals on the sidelines or around the campfire.  

Trying to use our expertise in trends, but worried about getting too fancy? Put a spin on the classics with these Kapalua sunglasses. Their Ray Ban-esque profile will instantly associate your brand with one of the most timeless and au courant designs in the sunglasses space, this item will protect their eyes while increasing your shine. They’re retail-quality, like all of our best options, so it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll end up keeping a pair for yourself, turning heads and drawing attention to your company even in your off-time.

Integrating trends into your marketing strategy can ensure the attention and positive impressions you’re seeking. Let us help you – at B2B, this is one of our core focuses, and we can always guide you to making your goods choices great.