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Know Your Partners

At B2B, our story is truly the kind that everyone likes: short and sweet, but also value-adding. And the twist is a doozy: contra-popular opinion, we’re a family business that works.

The key to any collaboration is knowing who you’re working with, and in Brooke’s case she has known Terri almost her entire life. Terri is her aunt, and B2B’s origin comes from that bond. Vacationing together and talking shop, they found themselves not just bonding over a funny story from the past or a favorite recipe, but a pitch. They both had promo business backgrounds, but it turned out they shared something more important: vision. They each brought something unique to the table – Brooke, an infectious and innovative creative side, and Terri, a laser-focus for details and the necessities of getting seemingly anything done and done right – but also found themselves working together and sharing a matching style that they hadn’t previously found in their industry experiences. This initial, completely natural feeling connection and communication seemed so right they knew they couldn’t waste it, and B2B was born. Since then, they’ve built a wonderful young team [link to team page], and turned their actual family into the B2B family that thrives today.

In business, you want to know your partners – we certainly know ours, and now you’re beginning to know us. We’re industry-adept but non-standard, committed to leading the trends rather than following them. Fittingly, given our family genesis, our packaging approach is like a care package – created with you in mind for your employees, your clients, or any one you want to create for. We came together over shared visions, and now we’re excited to share our vision with you. The one thing we promise above all else? With B2B, you’ll be part of the family too.


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